The last presentation is the most important. (最後のプレゼンテーションはもっとも大切)

In the case of food on wedding day,
It is the wedding service staff who serve the food to customers directly.
I realized one day when I saw the move of wedding service staff at
BLANCE NEIGE, no matter how hard the creators make effort, chefs cook
great food, it is the service staff who brings all the things to customers; therefore, their smile is very important. Of course, the manner and attitude is also important. If it’s not complete everything fails.
I appreciate for all the service staff who are doing great presentation at wedding.

Dignified attitude.It looks not so hard, but carrying a few plates at once has very hard
on the fingers, but She doesn’t show that at all.By the way, the uniform and tie is Fall/Winter design. 
Good image with smile and posingIt's her talent to make natural smile instantly.She must have down feeling sometimes, but she doesn't show it on wedding. With their kind service and smile, people feel the good taste. They are important members who support me. Thank you.